Destination Overview:
The Kingdom of Tonga consists of 176 coral and volcanic islands, 36 of which are inhabited. It is located east of Fiji, south of Samoa, and north of New Zealand. The country is divided into 4 main groups of islands…the southern Tongatapu Group, where the capital city of Nuku’alofa is located, the Ha’apai Group, a group of low coral islands that surround soaring volcanoes, the Vava’u Group, known for its pristine islets and numerous waterways, and the isolated Niuas, where a traditional lifestyle still thrives. Each island group offers its own unique scenery, activities, and attractions. Tourists typically fly in through Fua’amotu International Airport, located on Tongatapu Island.

Diving Details:
Most of the diving occurs in Vava’u, a short domestic flight from Tongatapu. You’ll enjoy healthy coral reefs, stunning underwater caverns and cave systems, walls of soft coral, large sea fans, mandarin fish, seahorses, nudibranchs, moorish idols, grouper, crinoid shrimp, banded sea snakes, blue ribbon eels, leaf fish, leopard sharks, and more. Tonga is also one of the few places in the world where you can snorkel with Humpback Whales, an experience not to be missed.

Insider Information:
Thousands of Tongans have emigrated, mostly to New Zealand, the US, and Australia, in order to support their large families. In fact, the country’s primary source of income is money remitted from Tongans living abroad. Because there are so many Tongan expatriates, flights during the holidays are commonly sold out many months in advance.

Dive Operators

Dive Sites


image Reef Resort
image Tongan Beach Resort


Non-Diving Activities

  • Snorkel with Humpback Whales! (Vava’u)
  • Explore the turquoise waters via kayak or outrigger canoe
  • Hike to one of the lookouts in ‘Eua National Park on the island of ‘Eua
  • Go sportfishing
  • Go sailing (Vava’u)
  • Go surfing (Ha’atafu Beach, Tongatapu)
  • Enjoy a kart safari (Vava’u)
  • Visit the Royal Palace (Tongatapu)
  • Visit the blowholes (Tongatapu)
  • Visit Ha’amonga ‘a Maui, the “Stonehenge of the Pacific” (Tongatapu)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Tonga is located in the South Pacific. It lies south of Samoa, north of New Zealand, west of Fiji, and east of the Cook Islands.

A flight from Los Angeles to Tongatapu on Air New Zealand takes 13 hours with a stopover in Samoa. A flight from Los Angeles to Tongatapu on Air Pacific takes 14 hours with a stopover in Fiji. From Tongatapu, a short domestic flight will take you to Vava’u, where your diving will take place.

Their currency is called the Tongan Pa’anga. As of June 2009, the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Tongan Pa’anga is US$1.00 = T$2.06. Notes come in T$1, T$2, T$5, T$10, T$20, T$50, and T$100. Coins come in 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, and 50 cent pieces.

The official language is Tongan. English is widely spoken.

Americans will need a passport and an onward or return ticket. Visas are not required for stays not exceeding 30 days. There is no U.S. embassy or consular office located in Tonga. However, the US embassy in Fiji offers assistance to Americans traveling in Tonga. The address and contact information is listed below:

U.S. Embassy in Fiji
31 Loftus Street
Suva, Fiji
Tel: (679) 331-4466
Fax: (679) 330-2267

For legal reasons, we cannot make official recommendations regarding shots or immunizations. Please consult with your physician or visit for more information.

Electricity is 240V at AC50 cycles. We recommend traveling with your own converter. Sockets are three-pronged, with the upper 2 prongs angled and flat and the lower circular.

Please check with the airline(s) you are flying with for international and domestic luggage requirements and restrictions.

Air New Zealand flies from Los Angeles to Tongatapu with a layover in Samoa. Air Pacific also flies from Los Angeles to Tongatapu with a layover in Nadi, Fiji. From Tongatapu, there are several domestic flights that will connect you to Lupepau’u Airport in Vava’u where your diving will take place.

Air New Zealand and Air Pacific fly Boeing 747’s, 767’s, and Airbus 320’s.

747’s have a 3-4-3 (ABC-DEFG-HJK) seating arrangement. 767’s have a 2-3-2 (AB-DEF-JK) seating arrangement. Airbus 320’s have a seating arrangement of 3-3 (ABC-DEF). The domestic flights are on planes with a 30-36 passenger seating capacity. Most have a seating arrangement of 2-1.

Yes, unless otherwise specified we will arrange for your transfers to and from the airport(s).

This is one of the few places in the world where you can snorkel and dive close to humpback whales. You’ll also enjoy caves, drift dives, wall dives, large boulders, wrecks, soft corals, and a variety of fish.

While the water can get warm enough to go without, we recommend divers wear a 3mm wetsuit for protection.

Most dive sites are within a 20 minute boat ride.

Enjoy 2-3 dives a day. Night dives available upon request.

Airport departure fees (T$55.00 international, T$10 domestic, no fee for children under 2 years), marine park fees, dive equipment rental, meals

E-tickets and vouchers are sent approximately 3 weeks prior to your departure.